Quality Policy

To ensure that the quality policies are well understood and implemented, the company has determines the following guidelines regarding quality policies.

  • High-level management must provide adequate and appropriate resources and manpower to implement and achieve quality policy and objectives effectively.
  • Manpower in the organization must have adequate knowledge and skills to carry out their own responsibilities. The company and employees will co-responsible for providing continual and systematic training and development programs.
  • Review contract to ensure that the company understands customer’s needs clearly and able to respond to customer’s needs by deliver job on time with late penalty fee. The company should be able to exceed customer’s expectation wherever possible.
  • Determine criteria and controlling measure and have every requirement documented to prevent any complain from customer due to mismatch between customer’s requirements and what has been delivered.
  • When inspecting the non-conformance to the requirement or receiving complains from customers, the company must make written record then correct the problem and try to prevent such problem from happening again.
  • Provide internal follow-up process on every quality-related activities in appropriate time to ensure that the quality system still progress effectively.
  • Collect, evaluate, report and use quality-related information efficiently.