Safety Policy

As Power Line Engineering Public Company Limited is concerned about life and health of every employee, the company has determined safety policy concerning hygiene and safe working environment for the company’s employees to carry out along with regular responsibilities. The safety policies are as followed:

  • Work safety is the first priority when employee performs any task.
  • The company will promote and encourage safe work condition and environment.
  • The company will promote and encourage safety activities to make employee safety-conscious, such as training and development programs, public relation campaign, safety competition, etc.
  • Supervisor must act as a good role model who lead, train, develop and motivate subordinate to work safely.
  • Every employee must consider safety of self, colleague and the company’s property while working.
  • Every employee must keep clean and organized workplace.
  • Every employee must cooperate with safety activities initiated by the company and can suggest ways to improve work environment and safe work practice.
  • The company will regularly evaluate outcome of the above safety policies.